Katy Carlisle

Your Voice No. 73

Katy Carlisle

This issue of Your Voice features a number of articles that touch upon the role physical activity can play in promoting mental health and wellbeing, which is one of the themes highlighted in the recently published Healthwatch Sheffield report about people’s views and experiences of mental health in the city.

Outlining the numerous benefits of being outside, engaged in meaningful activity in the company of other people, our front cover features the work of SAGE Greenfingers who celebrated their 10-year anniversary this summer. We’ve also got an invitation to play football from Football's Awareness of Depression Football Community (FAD FC) who want to introduce the benefits of physical activity to everyone regardless of their level of fitness or ability. SAGE Greenfingers and FAD FC represent the kind of community based services that people contributing to the Healthwatch Sheffield report indicate they regard very highly. 

The Healthwatch Sheffield report also highlights the importance of empathic staff and networking as keys to wellbeing, themes that are echoed in our profile feature in which Time to Change Champion Andrew Hudson describes the importance of his relationship with an
understanding and knowledgeable GP and the value he places on being able to talk with other people about his experiences.

As usual, I’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue. Please get in touch if you’d like to share with us some of your experiences and ideas on what you do to look after your own mental health and wellbeing. 

- Justine Morrison

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